A crowd-sourced video game development and publishing platform. Sort of like Kick-starter for games but more involved.

Consulted for this project during their post-alpha phase. Led a refactor of their massive AngularJS frontend codebase and successfully paved the way for automated testing and massive reduction in regression bugs. Also continued on to do various front-end development work to support their in-house development team on a retainer basis.

Build time: 12 weeks

Available Works

The newest (and best) way to sell your art online. Easy purchasing and showcase system that eliminates all the headaches of the traditional auction sites. All about the artists and their work here.

Built this entire site myself. Django, PostgreSQL, SASS, Jade, Gulp.js, 4 distinct viewport sizes, some pretty neat CSS wizardry to make several responsive interactive UI components. Full shopping system built from scratch. Built all the data models, consistency checks, payment system backed with Stripe.

Build time: 16 weeks (still in pre-launch beta)

This Site

My portfolio and technical archive website.

Written entirely in Clojure and ClojureScript and statically generated using the wonderful Stasis library. Also uses Optimus for static assets. Vanilla JS (no libs) and vanilla CSS (no preprocessors). Everything's respsonsive.

Build time: 1 week