First started coding at age 7 with Lego Logo. Knew immediately that I was destined to melt my eyeballs in front of computer screens for the rest of my days.

Sold my first piece of web software at age 13. It was a Flash (I know) website advertising a home for rent and somebody paid me $3,500.00 for it.

Over 10 years work-force experience building video games, websites, data systems, frameworks and tools.

Favorite languages (ordered list): Clojure, LISP, Node.js/JavaScript (with some kind of type system), Python, BASH, C#, Golang, C, Java

Expert-level in Clojure, JavaScript and Python and Java. Advanced in others.

Architected and implemented production streaming data systems using tools like Kafka and Storm.

Architected and implemented production web APIs using REST and GraphQL.

I love driving my Subarau WRX.

I care for three of the silliest dogs and a precocious little bunny.