I have 9+ years of professional software writing (and architecting) experience.

I sold my first website when I was 13 years old. It was a Flash (I know) website advertising a home for rent and somebody paid me $3,500.00 for it.

From that moment on I've been building software of all shapes and sizes.

I founded my first profitable web firm in college (circa 2008). We did a lot of client work but also launched a few products. One project got launched at DEMOFall 2009.

The year I graduated college I was hired as the CTO of a social media startup that was acquired a couple years later.

Since then, I have spent all of my time working on other startups, open source, and freelance work with the aim of becoming the best programmer and product engineer I can be.

I also care for two goofy dogs and the most precocious little bunny.